Mr & Mrs S from Billericay – Eastwood Ghost Grey

Mr & Mrs S from Billericay – Eastwood Ghost Grey

Mr & Mrs S came to see us when we very first opened our doors to have their new fitted kitchen and due to circumstances had to put their kitchen renovation on hold and came back to us nearly 2 years later. Mrs S had a very clear vision of what she wanted her kitchen to look like and had her heart set on having a gorgeous set of patio doors put in (much to the confusion of Mr S and our designer Sam) but she kept saying “Just you wait it will work” I think you’ll agree it does work and looks fab. Sorry for ever doubting you Mrs S.

They decided on our gorgeous solid ash Eastwood Door painted in ghost grey which ties in beautifully with the Earthstone Pastel Melange worktops. This install included removing a large window and replacing it with patio doors as well as the supply and fit of the kitchen. Mr & Mrs S have a mix of appliances in this kitchen with a beautiful AEG wine cooler being one of the must haves on Mrs S’s list.

What a lovely family to work with… We enjoyed planning and installing your stunning kitchen and you deserve it more than most.

Illustration by: Sam Holden